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Physician | Speaker | Emotional Wellness Strategist

If you are feeling overwhelmed… I’m here to show a different way of working and living.


Revive & Thrive

An on-demand short course is for the woman who is tired and overwhelmed but does not know where to start on her journey to feeling better.

Anchored & Sound Academy

If you’re looking for practical tools for strategies for coping with feeling anxious and overwhelmed, then this course is for you. This course is taught LIVE over the span of 6-8 weeks.

1 on 1 Strategy Sessions

Have specific problem? Let’s co-create a solution.

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Improve employee engagement and productivity through practical Emotional Wellness

About Dr. Yewande

I’m a Physician, Therapist, and Emotional Wellness Strategist.

I help overwhelmed professionals manage their stress so they can flourish at home and work.

Using my background as an ER Doctor, and my experience as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I bring evidence-based, real-world tools to my practice, courses, and workshops, and I love to see people flourish personally and professionally.


Before working with Dr. Yewande, I saw and interpreted things from a negative perspective first without fully considering there could be other reasons. However, through our sessions, I have been experiencing growth, and I’m being deliberate in considering things first from a different perspective to inform my behaviour. The tools and exercises are very practical and helpful. I’m still on a journey but I’m glad I’ve taken this step and more so with Dr. Yewande.

One-on-One Client

Earlier in 2023, I was bitter, angry, overwhelmed and in a bad heart state. I was struggling in my mind with regards to marriage and parenting. Within 6 months, I lost a job, a child and a parent - what a year... However, through my work with Dr Yewande, her listening skills, perspectives and quiet encouragement, I have experienced healing in my heart. Her approach gets me thinking deep, builds my self-awareness muscles and helps me find joy in the process. I've built and am maintaining some boundaries within my relationships and I'm back to my healing routines without piling undue pressure. My responses to the usual triggers are so much more calmer and unattached and I have HOPE (which is a true miracle!) Thank you, Doc.

One-on-On Client

I am not one to leave reviews but this one I have to do because she truly changed my life. Dr. Fadojutimi connected with me on one of the saddest days of my life. As a medical doctor and life coach, I know the impact of mind work and therapy, but I had never connected with anyone. I had at least 4 to 5 therapists and I lost count because it was difficult to connect with them. Dr. Fadojutimi brings empathy, expertise, and empowers you to create the life you desire. In a few short sessions I knew exactly what I needed to do. She is amazing and was the ray of sunshine in my darkest storm. Thank you, Dr. Yewande!

One-on-One Client


Listen to the “Happy Without Medicine“, podcast where Dr. Yewande discusses practical steps for success and emotional wellness.

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