Dr. Yewande

Physician | Speaker | Emotional Wellness Strategist
I help overwhelmed executives, employees, and entrepreneurs increase their work-life satisfaction through practical strategies in emotional health and wellness.

My Story

As a Physician and Therapist, I cherish the privilege of connecting with people and discovering their true selves beneath the external facade.
Closest to my heart are women who, like me, once believed happiness was found through degrees, careers, and marriages. Despite their external achievements, they’re dealing with feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, and even anxious.

As a young physician, wife, and mom, I thought I had it all – degrees from top schools, a dream job with a good salary, a custom-designed home, and a happy, healthy family. I also contributed to my community and served at church.

All while diligently serving at Church and making valuable contributions to my professional and personal community.

Like you, I checked all the “success” boxes!

Imagine how confused and overwhelmed I felt even though I had achieved success on the outside; there was still something missing inside.

I’ve learned that achievements are great, BUT if they don’t align with our true desires and identity, the initial excitement fades.

This can lead us to seek external validation to fill a void, leaving us uncertain about what our future holds.

Everything changed for me when I finally decided to let go of the Status Quo and live according to my values, and from a positive perspective.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, left my job as an Emergency Room doctor, and retrained as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist.

" Now, my mission is to assist overwhelmed women in finding confidence, inner peace, and freedom."

A few more things about me

It’s time to let go of being overwhelmed and embrace a new way of working and living.

Everything is different now.


Before working with Dr. Yewande, I saw and interpreted things from a negative perspective first without fully considering there could be other reasons. However, through our sessions, I have been experiencing growth, and I’m being deliberate in considering things first from a different perspective to inform my behaviour. The tools and exercises are very practical and helpful. I’m still on a journey but I’m glad I’ve taken this step and more so with Dr. Yewande.

One-on-One Client

Earlier in 2023, I was bitter, angry, overwhelmed and in a bad heart state. I was struggling in my mind with regards to marriage and parenting. Within 6 months, I lost a job, a child and a parent - what a year... However, through my work with Dr Yewande, her listening skills, perspectives and quiet encouragement, I have experienced healing in my heart. Her approach gets me thinking deep, builds my self-awareness muscles and helps me find joy in the process. I've built and am maintaining some boundaries within my relationships and I'm back to my healing routines without piling undue pressure. My responses to the usual triggers are so much more calmer and unattached and I have HOPE (which is a true miracle!) Thank you, Doc.

One-on-On Client

I am not one to leave reviews but this one I have to do because she truly changed my life. Dr. Fadojutimi connected with me on one of the saddest days of my life. As a medical doctor and life coach, I know the impact of mind work and therapy, but I had never connected with anyone. I had at least 4 to 5 therapists and I lost count because it was difficult to connect with them. Dr. Fadojutimi brings empathy, expertise, and empowers you to create the life you desire. In a few short sessions I knew exactly what I needed to do. She is amazing and was the ray of sunshine in my darkest storm. Thank you, Dr. Yewande!

One-on-One Client