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Our session with Dr. Yewande was an experience filled with genuine passion and a commitment to transformative, value-centric work. The Canada and the US Tribe loved every minute of it. The session left us empowered and with a clear path to success. We are confident that the changes we aspire to make in our lives are not only necessary but also within reach. Thank you Dr. Yewande for the invaluable time spent with us, we are truly grateful.

Stella Anthony Ezeanya Just Us Girls Global Network, Canada Tribe.

Dr. Yewande is so full of wisdom. Her podcast has been a great blessing to me and my friends. She shares on topics that seem to address issues we deal with per time and many times the "simple" suggestions she gives, create magic. I'm blessed to know her, because she's truly a blessing to me and this generation.

Funmibi Enifeni